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Source/Measure 7.5 Digit Versa-Multimeter


The Racal Instruments™ 4102 Versa-Multimeter combines high-speed 7.5 digit measurement capability with a high-precision, programmable source extending a wide range of measurement possibilities to up to 512 switching channels.

Connectivity Made Simple
The 4102 Versa-Multimeter has internal connections to the 1830’s multi-lane signal raceway. When combined with one or more switch modules such as the 1380 Multiplexer or the 1450 Matrix plug-in modules, the 4102 can connect to any one of up to 500-plus channels.

High-Speed, High-Throughput Scanning
The 4102 Versa-Multimeter option for the 1800 Series Source/Measure Switch, combined with one or more 1380 Multiplexer plug-in modules, enables high-speed scanning of multiple inputs into the Versa-Multimeter. Up to four 4102s can be installed in a single 1830 system for simultaneously measuring up to four inputs for a 4x improvement in throughput.

DMM Measurement Capabilities
The 4102 features high-resolution measurements and is useful for most measurement applications where speed and accuracy are important. Available measurements include:

  • AC / DC Voltage
  • AC / DC Current
  • Two/Four/Six Wire Ohms
  • Frequency/Period
  • Temperature (4-W RTD/Thermocouple)
  • Diode I-V

Offset Compensation for Critical Resistance Measurements
The 4102 features offset compensation to eliminate the effect of small series voltages for critical resistance measurements. Inadvertent parasitic leakage currents, thermo-voltaic voltages, and other voltages in series introduce errors into resistance measurements. The DMM supplies a fixed current through the unknown resistance and measures the voltage drop. With offset compensation activated and the DMM internal current source set to zero, the DMM again measures the voltage drop across the unknown resistance. The error is calculated by the DMM and eliminated from the final reading.


Product Features: 
  • Factory-Installed Option for the Racal Instruments™ model 1830 Source/Measure Switch System
  • 7.5 Digit AC and DC Current plus 2/4/6 Wire Ohms with Offset Compensation
  • Automatic Inductance, Capacitance, ESR, Diode, Temperature (RTD or T/C) and Leakage Measurement
  • Built-in Precision Source Provides AC and DC Voltage and DC Current
  • Test Scripting and Programmable Aperture for High Throughput Testing
  • Optional ActivATE™ Test Platform for High-Speed Test Program Development